A couple of months back, I posted a sleep-there-or-die-tryin list of unique places to stay in Ireland that I plan on conquering in the coming year (the forest domes are calling my name big time!).

Being a curious/nosey fecker, I wondered what other weird and wonderful AirBnB’s there are around Ireland.

It turns out, there’s loads!

Here’s some of the weird, wacky and wonderful places you can rent in Ireland on AirBnB.

1 – Cuckoo Wood Hexagon, County Mayo

I have absolutely no idea what a hexagon hut actually is, but it looks amazing!

Situated on half orchard half woodland, and just 5k from the cracking town of Westport, this hut is a little slice of solitude on Ireland’s West Coast.

Fancy giving it a bash? It’ll set you back as little as €80 a night!

Cuckoo Wood Hexagon mayo Cuckoo Wood Hexagon westport

2 – A pub, yes, a pub, in Tipperary

According to the folks who run it, Conroy’s Old Bar is ‘The World’s 1st Self Catering Pub’.

Spending a night in a traditional, authentic, Irish pub sounds right up my street, especially considering how close it is to the marvellous Lough Derg.

Grab it for €100 per night and bask in the knowledge that you have an old Irish pub all to yourself.

pub for rent in ireland

pub to rent in ireland

3 – A 150-year-old country cottage in Cork

I need this place in my life!

I love the idea of kicking back here with a generously poured glass of whiskey, as the fire pops and crackles, while the wind bashes against the windows.

A whole load of cosy bliss!

Magic from just €48 per night.

cottage to rent in cork cottage in cork

4 – A treehouse with savage views over Cork City

Wooden you love to stay here… I’ll get my coat…

This is a legit, fully insulated treehouse that offers travellers spectacular views out over Cork City.

If you fancy giving this a shot, it’s yours from €130 per night, and is just a 5-minute walk from the city centre.

treehouse to rent airbnb

renting a treehouse in ireland

5 – A wagon in Fintown, Co. Donegal

I’ve had ‘Rock me Mama like a waaaagon wheel’ stuck in my head for the last half hour after seeing this AirBnB listing…

This is the type of place I probably dreamt about staying in as a kid, but would have nightmares at the very thought of spending the night here as an adult.

If a wagon floats your boat, then you’re onto a winner with this place in Donegal.

You can rent it from €50 per night and, considering the incredible Airbnb reviews, you’re in for a treat!

weird places to rent on airbnb ireland

wagon to stay ireland

6 – A Restored 200-Year-Old Church in Galway

Welcome to Bookeen Hall.

This AirBnB listing is a 200-year-old church about 20 minutes from Galway City and just a stone’s throw from the Cliffs of Moher, The Burren and Connemara.

The perfect spot for a group of friends (it sleeps 5 people) with a few days adventure on the cards.

Rent it for just €105 a night.

bookeen hall airbnb Church to rent ireland

7 – A cottage in the wilderness in Donegal

I love the idea of kicking back in a little cottage in the middle of a wild and empty landscape in one of the most picturesque corners of Ireland.

Situated close to Ardara (once voted ‘best village to live in Ireland’ by the Irish Times), this rental has the allure of being a quiet country retreat that’s an acceptable distance from a buzzy town where craic and live music flow in abundance.

Grab a night here for €85.

cottage to rent donegal cottage in donegal airbnb

Have you stayed in any weird Airbnb’s in Ireland? Let me know where in the comments below!

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