There are few indulgences at this time of the year that give me a giddy festive feeling as mighty as nestling myself into a snug in a city centre pub on a cold afternoon as the wind bashes against the windows.

It’s a rare treat.

The problem is, I never really know which pubs in Dublin have snugs – I generally just stumble upon them.

With that in mind, I’ve teamed up with the gents over at Dublin Snugs and an outrageously talented designer named Karen Harte to bring you The 12 Dublin Snugs of Christmas.

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pubs in dublin with snugs
Photo © The Irish Road Trip

1 – Bottlers Bank (Rathgar)

This traditional Irish snug has it all – door, hatch and the creamiest Guinness in Rathgar!

This snug is a ‘must visit’ if you’re in the area.

the bottlers bank dublin

2 – Slattery’s (Rathmines)

The second we saw this snug we knew we’d hit the jackpot!

It boasts all the makings of a traditional snug – fully enclosed, whilst also having your own door to the bar.

There is a proper old school feel to this snug with the worn wood and red leather; if this snug could speak it would have a few solid tales.

Easily accommodating 10 people, this is a hidden gem in the heart of Rathmines

Slattery's pub Rathmines

3 – Blackbird (Rathmines)

In terms of ticking all the boxes for what makes a traditional Irish snug, Blackbird does a bloody good job.

As you go through the main door of this hipster mecca in the middle of Rathmines, the snug lies straight ahead.

Fully enclosed (sans door), faded windows and ample space – this is without a doubt the best seat in the house!

Whilst this snug would be great for a group of mates, the privacy and romantic lighting makes it the ideal date spot, as we witnessed on our initial inspection.

blackbird pub dublin

4 – Smyth’s (Ranelagh)

To say this snug is in high demand would be a massive understatement!

Tucked in on the right of the front door – cosy, classic and full of character. This snug is an absolute winner!

smyths pub ranelagh

5 – Searson’s (Baggot Street)

The second you walk in the front right entrance, this imposing yet ornate snug stands before you on your left.

Fully enclosed, natural light from the window and with your own personal bar counter (bell included) – it has it all.

Con’s Snug is so called after the famous Irish writer Con Houlihan who used to frequent this very spot in his writing days. Traditional snug lovers, look no further.

searsons pub dublin

6 – Waterloo (Baggot Street)

With two to choose from, we went for the original snug located just left as you go in the door.

This snug features natural light from a full pane window – people watching perfection!

Despite no door, this snug offers the private setting whilst still allowing you to be immersed in the bar’s atmosphere.

It could easily fit 8 and would be ideal for post-work or pre-match drinks. As expected, the Guinness is good for you!

waterloo pub dublin

7 – Toners (Baggot Street)

This didn’t win Best Snug in Dublin 2010 for no reason! Quintessentially Irish, this classic snug lives up to all expectations.

Fully enclosed, your own access to the bar, and littered with old-school Irish memorabilia – what more would you want from a Dublin Snug?

toners pub dublin

8 – Doheny & Nesbitts (Baggot Street)

With three snugs to choose from, we opted for the snug tucked away at the back of this well-established city-centre pub.

Boasting all the criteria of a traditional Irish snug, history feels encapsulated in your surroundings.

Doheny Nesbitts pub dublin

9 – Marcels (Baggot Street/Merrion Row)

Whilst this wasn’t on our radar originally, this snug is not one to be missed!

Hatch at the bar, latch on the door and bell for service definitely gives it traditional snug status. However, a flatscreen telly and full window view of the street gives it a pleasant modern twist.

Comfortably accommodating 12, this fully enclosed snug is idyllic for watching a match or people watching.

marcels snug dublin

10 – PMacs (Stephens Green)

Despite not being beside the bar, PMacs boasts a solid, modern snug section.

Situated at the back left of the bar, this fully enclosed snug has the cosiest granny couch, and is filled with natural light from a full pane window.

Watch the people and hours go by with some vibey tunes.

pmacs pub dublin

11 – Kehoe’s (South Anne Street)

Kehoe’s takes us back in time with their textbook Irish snug!

Hatch, bar door and an old wooden floor.


keoghs snug dublin

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12 – O’Neills (Suffolk Street)

Located just off the hustle & bustle of Grafton Street, this popular tourist pub boasts a decent snug.

Partly enclosed and with its own bar area, this isn’t one for the snug traditionalists, but rather good for a decent level of privacy.

Come for a Guinness and stay for a full roast while you’re at it

Unbeknownst to us, this very snug turned out to be the one featured in our first post/logo – fate some would say!

And that's a wrap!
Did we miss any? Pop any worthy additions in the comments below!


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