With the hundreds of articles, videos and ads drifting by our eyes every week, it can often be pretty tricky to impress, let alone inspire.

Every once and a while, however, something special pops up that makes us stop, think and wanderlust. This video of the Wild Atlantic Way is truly a diamond in the rough.

In one and a half minutes your inner adventurer will be awoken and given a gentle kick up the arse.

After playing it for the second time I did a mental count of the cash sitting in my bank account and
debated just how furious my boss would be if I packed up and headed off along the Wild Atlantic Way for a week or two.

The official warning would be well worth it, I’m sure.

The Wild Atlantic Way along Ireland’s breath-taking west coast is home to some of the country’s most unique and majestic coastline, and it’s showcased masterfully in this clip.

Hit play above to witness the Wild Atlantic Way’s sweeping sandy beaches, sheer cliffs, ancient forts and rocky outcrops from a bird’s eye view in this video captured by Raymond Fogarty.

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