When it comes to cliffs in Ireland, Co. Clare’s Cliffs of Moher dominate many travel itineraries. There’s no mystery here – they’re an amazing spot to visit. There’s heaps of things to do around Clare and they’re pretty easy to get to if you’re flying into Dublin and only have a few days to take in sights.

Well worth the visit. But it’s time to broaden those horizons and cast your mind to north-western Ireland where one of Europe’s highest sea cliffs call home – the Slieve League Cliffs.

When it comes to size, Moher hasn’t got a patch on the Slieve League Cliffs in Co. Donegal, which tower above the ocean at 2000 foot. Twice the height of Cliffs of Moher.

An adventurers dream, the cliffs offer breath-taking views across Donegal Bay to Letrim, Sligo and Mayo. Here’s how they look from the eyes of real explorers.

1 – A whole lot of craggy cliff face

2 – The stunning south west coast of County Donegal

3 – A view of the Giant’s Desk and Chair

4 – The perfect spot to perch with a mug of tea

What a view… #wildatlanticway #donegal #slieveleague #potd #landscape #seascape #seacliff #sea

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5 – Over twice as high as the Cliffs of Moher

Slieve league up close


6 – There’s not a trace of vertigo in these lads

The slieve league cliffs in donegal

By Brian Morrison

7 – Over 600m above the raging Atlantic ocean below

Slieve League cliffs from afar

8 – For over a thousand years there was a Christian pilgrimage at the cliffs

9 – Standing at the very edge of the world

10 – Some of the finest marine cliffs in Europe

11 – Nearly twice as high as the Eiffel Tower

12 – Posing game on point

13 – Doing a bit of danglin’

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14 – Selfie envy

Windy coast

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15 – Sunset at the cliffs

16 – Blue waters, a cool breeze and views for days

17 – 2000 feet above the icy waters below

Highest Cliffs in Europe.

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21 – Picture perfect.

22 – Ireland at its finest. Gorgeous dramatic coastline

23 – Taking a breather and admiring the view

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