Over the course of the week over on Instagram we publish a good wallop of photos and videos taken across our wonderful little country.

Then when Sunday hits and the reality of another week sailing over the horizon becomes reality, we take a look back at the most popular posts from the week past.

With over 50,000 likes, here’s the top 12 shots uploaded over the week in no particular order.

1 – County Donegal – Like a scene plucked straight from a fairytale!

2 – Even on the dullest day in Ireland, you’ll always find a little dash of colour in the capital.

3 – Welcome to the vibrant little town of #Westport in County Mayo

4 – An illuminated Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin City

5 – County Kerry – home to a rare species of flying Dolphin

6 – There’s nothing like having a ramble through Galway City on those rare August afternoons when the sun is shining bright

7 – Dublin City dreamin’. Strollin’ down Henry Street towards the Spire on O’Connell street!

8 – The feeling when you wake up on a Thursday morning thinking its Friday!

9 – The beautiful Clew Bay in County Mayo shot from hundreds of feet above

10 – A little chunk of rural #paradise by the sea in County Clare

11 – County Kerry – one of earths most beautiful corners

12 – Get the kids away from the smartphones, iPads, Xboxs and Playstations and get them out their in the fresh air exploring

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