You won’t find the greatest show in the world on Broadway or in London’s West End. It’s not airing at 9 p.m. on Sunday night on HBO and, contrary to popular belief – you don’t have to board a plane to check it out.

Over recent years, thanks to strong solar wind activity, the skies above Ireland have played host to the shimmering  beauty that is Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights).

The result – mind-boggling beauty.

If the Northern Lights made a more regular appearance in Ireland, the tent gathering dust at the back of my shed would be an awful lot happier.

If you’re hoping to get a glimpse of them you can can sign up to alerts with the lads at Astronomy Ireland but until then – just sit back and enjoy the pictures below.

1 – Aurora Borealis over Lagg Church, Malin Head on the Wild Atlantic Way

aurora borealis in ireland 1

Photo by Michaell Gill

2 – The Skies Smiling above Tra na Rossan Beach in Co. Donegal

the Aurora Borealis in ireland 2

Photo by Rota Wilson

3 – A Splatter of starts above Fanad Head Lighthouse

The Aurora Borealis over fanad head

Photo by Rita Wison

4 – The Northern Lights shining over Malin Head

malin head with the Aurora Borealis

Snapped by Adam Rory Porter

5 – Shrove Lighthouse on the Stunning Inishowen Peninsula

aurora borealis over shrove lighthouse

Shot by Michael Gill

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6 – A Front Row Seat on Dooey Beach

Aurora Borealis over Dooey Beach in ireland

By Rita Wilson

7 – Aurora Borealis over Linsfort Church at Malin Head

Linsfort Church and Aurora Borealis

By Adam Rory Porter

8 – A Perfect Spot to kick-back and take it all in at Malin Head

Aurora Borealis in the night sky above Malin Head

By Michael Gill

9 – The Milky Way and Aurora Borealis in the sky over Urris on the Wild Atlantic Way

Northern lights in donegal

By Adam Rory Porter

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