Here, what’s this website/blog/thing all about?

First off – Fáilte (Welcome)!

Hopefully this website will be the starting point of an unforgettable adventure around Ireland, or though and along some of the wonderful towns, cities and areas of unparalleled natural beauty scattered across our little island.

Who am I?

Keith O'hara Inisheer

Lookin’ smug on a stone wall on Inisheer

My name is Keith. I’m a twenty-something-year-old Dublin native that loves Ireland and the tremendous adventure opportunities it holds for those looking to get stuck in and start exploring

I’ve travelled quite a bit over the years but nowhere has managed to leave me as completely gob-smacked as the places I’ve discovered across this little island. My goal with InstaIreland is to help guide you on your journey.

Where it all began

keith o' hara

InstaIreland was formed over a cup of tea in Swords, County Dublin, on a particurally wet Tuesday afternoon during the summer of 2012.

Its life began as a humble Instagram account with a handful of followers and its main purpose at the time was documenting my own personal adventures around Dublin, with photos.

Using filters. Lots and lots of filters.

Dodgy photos like the one above… Not exactly National Geographic material, is it?!


This was back when Instagram still had a relatively small user base. Compared to now, that is. Shoot forward a few months and the following surpassed 5,000.

I knew my own travels would be limited to Dublin at the time, so I decided to approach photographers and ask them whether I could feature their photo with a credit to them.

Some said yes. Some said no. Some told me to… well, never mind what some told me to do.

Now, three years on – the InstaIreland community is over 104,000 users strong across Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter and ticks along with the same goal it had back in 2012 – to help people living within Ireland and tourists visiting to discover the many adventures our cracking little country has to offer.

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